Write a poem using someone else’s biggest fear as the title



Unable to look beyond the fear

That I could never let someone else in —



As if staring into another’s eyes can be


Unable to hold a gaze.


And I ask myself why —

Am I afraid of letting someone else see me?


Am I afraid of allowing myself to

Open up to another?

To Trust someone?



How can I if I can’t take the time

To hold another’s gaze?

We all sometimes feel —



It’s enough to allow the feeling to stop

The need to feel —





Inspired By

Write a poem inspired by another poem you’ve read.


After Our Greatest Fear


She’ll always deny

the things that push her


She’ll forever tell

herself she’s not 

good enough.


Even when they praise

her name,

and tell her nice things,

she claims she doesn’t

believe a word.


On some level,

she knows

that they are right.

Her talent is enough.

Heart as pure as gold,

eyes kind and bright.


But she’s afraid to admit

this to anyone

because her heart

won’t seem pure,

and her eyes

won’t look kind.


But he told her 

to let her light


because he hates

the way he feels.


And if someone so kind

can’t see her own heart,

how can he expect

to find his own?


Write a poem about a childhood memory



You could not get in without a password.

Words muttered that parents never heard.


A guard was always at the door.

Unable to open for many to explore.


It took skill to reach the entrance,

Where you were welcomed or sentenced.


For only the strongest were allowed,

To sit above the rest and stare at the clouds.


The floor decorated in leaves and small twigs.

A dungeon below for the prisoners to dig.


Plastic tables and chairs were easy to place.

The finest mac and cheese served on a paper plate.


The soldier’s greatest weapons were water balloons.

Tree branches used to escape enemy harpoons.


Six feet from the ground, sat treacherous and high,

A safe place from everything, a fortress in the sky.


At the end of the day, when the enemy was gone,

It was time to leave the fortress and return to home.


A good night sleep needed after a long fight.

The fortress would be waiting for another day’s light.


Write a creed poem about the things you believe in.

I Believe

I believe the sun radiates warmth to the earth. 

I believe rain makes the flowers grow. 

I believe there is nothing more satisfying 

Than dancing in a rain storm 

With my tongue stretched ready to catch 

The drops of water leaking from the sky. 

I believe in the sound of thunder, 

And when I was a child I believed

God was rearranging his furniture, 

Like my mother said to keep my fear away.

I believe in God and his goodness. 

I believe in the goodness of people. 

I believe that “please” and “thank you” 

Can go a long way.

 I believe in complaining less and smiling more.

I believe conversations with strangers 

Are a way to have a connection

With someone we’ll never see again.

I believe in telling stories over and over

Until we’re tired of hearing them.

 I believe in putting pen to paper. 

Write everything down. 

I believe in capturing memories with pictures, 

I believe in vacation, of seeing every place 

From the sandy beaches of California

To the concrete walls of New York. 

I believe in spending time with loved ones. 

I believe in loving animals like they are family.

I believe in laughter and in heartfelt conversation. 

I believe in silence and I believe in being loud.

I believe music speaks to the soul. 

I believe the soul moves on when we die.

 I believe that time matters. 

Life is too short to waste that time. 

I believe in Daylight Savings 

And in long, warm summer nights. 

I believe in cold winters and 

Curling up with a book and hot chocolate 

Is perfect in a snow storm. 

I believe everything we do matters. 

Life shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

I believe that life has endless possibilities 

And a chance to learn something new every day. 

I believe I don’t know much of anything 

And that there are many things 

I still have yet to find to believe in.


This prompt comes from someone I know. Write a poem that uses repetition.


Take the time to learn.

There is always something new.


Take the time to travel. This is your world. 

Go see its beauty.


Take the time to speak to your loved ones. 

Don’t wait to hear from them.

They’re waiting for you.


Take the time to set your phone down. 


Take the time to get more sleep.

Take the time to drink enough water.

Take the time to exercise. 

This is your body. 

Care for it the way it cares for you.


Take the time to eat chocolate cake. 

You deserve to be spoiled sometimes.


Take the time to fall in love. Don’t rush it.

Make sure he’s the one.


Take the time to braid your hair

even if you’re thirty.


Take the time to reflect in the mirror. Compliment yourself 

even when it’s hard to do.


Take the time to mourn your losses, but don’t forget

there is good in the world.


Take the time to do what makes you happy. 

Go shopping. Sing in the shower.

Write a poem. 


Take the time to be alone.


Take the time to smile at strangers. 

They need it more than you know. 


Take the time to walk your dog. 


Take the time to care for your mental health.

If you just focus on the outside,

You’ll only look complete.


This was a prompt I have received by someone I know. Write a poem about an emotion without stating the emotion.


Air stops lingering 

In the lungs

Forcing its way





Barely touching the sides

As if staying 

Will trap it


Heart beats faster 

Against a cell of bones

Asking to be heard with 

Every beat of protest




Rhythm increasing


Fingers tremble 

Out of control

Fighting to grasp



The world spinning

The mind fuzzy

As if everything was 



Stomach turning

Chest tightening

Words lost

On a tied tongue


Noise fading

Darkness consuming


A system faltering

End of summer

This is a prompt I have created. With Labor Day over and  summer coming to an end, write about your favorite summer memories. For me, I’m summing that up in a poem.


Dew that clings to grass

Won’t keep them away,

Neither will the rising sun

And temperatures.

Still in the clothes 

From yesterday,

Because they left

Even before breakfast.


Repetitive ticking of a sprinkler 

Accompanies laughter

That chases cool water.



Jump rope.

Drinking water from streams 

Flowing from the mouths of hoses,

Because it takes time

To retrieve a glass

From the sink.


Wars terrorize

The backyard,

As shots of water are fired

From the largest 

Squirt guns.

And explosive bombs

Made of rainbow colors.




It continues until 

There is a greater enemy.

United forces to

Chase down a truck

As its melody repeats,

To retrieve cones 

Of ice cream,

Most of it dripping 

Down their shirt sleeves.


Works of art sketched

In bold colors 

Down the walkway.

Castles built by hand,

Surrounded by motes

Made from buckets 

Of lake water.

Beach towels,



Fields of grass to roll in.

Playgrounds to climb on.

Responsibility to sell

Glasses of sweet


Twenty-five cents each.


Dinner bells ring, 

calling everyone in 

To sit around the table 

lined with dishes.

Baked beans, 

Hot dogs, 

Corn on the cob.

Barking rages 

through the streets,

As dogs take their walk 

Before lying in bed.

Final games of Cops and Robbers 

Come to an end,

Before children are told

“Come in

When the street lights turn on.”

Last minute attempts to imprison 


For fleeting moments

In small jars.

The sounds of lawn mowers fade,

Human silence falls into place.

As darkness devours 

The colors in the sky,

Crickets sing their summer song.

And Katydids join in

Drowning out their sound.


People sit beneath

Galaxies of stars

Burning miles away.

Bug spray,

Lawn chairs,

Roasting sticks.

A sanctuary of flames

Against an endless, dark scene,

Where long conversation

Also drowns the crickets,

And three a.m. arrives

Before the logs finish burning.