Write a poem about a childhood memory



You could not get in without a password.

Words muttered that parents never heard.


A guard was always at the door.

Unable to open for many to explore.


It took skill to reach the entrance,

Where you were welcomed or sentenced.


For only the strongest were allowed,

To sit above the rest and stare at the clouds.


The floor decorated in leaves and small twigs.

A dungeon below for the prisoners to dig.


Plastic tables and chairs were easy to place.

The finest mac and cheese served on a paper plate.


The soldier’s greatest weapons were water balloons.

Tree branches used to escape enemy harpoons.


Six feet from the ground, sat treacherous and high,

A safe place from everything, a fortress in the sky.


At the end of the day, when the enemy was gone,

It was time to leave the fortress and return to home.


A good night sleep needed after a long fight.

The fortress would be waiting for another day’s light.

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