One Object

This prompt comes from  You can save one object before your house burns down. What is it? What makes that object important to you?

In a choice between every object I own, I would probably save my computer. Not because of an addiction to technology, but because it is my lifeline to my writing. There’s something about allowing my hands to freely type across a keyboard that allows me to say the things I need to, even if I don’t know what I’m saying yet. I have so many files saved from so many different stories, poems, and prompts that I would feel devastated to lose. My computer basically goes everywhere with me, because there’s always inspiration and a need to write. I have worked too hard on the pieces I have saved, finished and unfinished. My pieces of writing are a part of me, and I’d feel like I lost something huge if I didn’t have them anymore.

There’s a lot of sentimental things in my house, gifts from people, souvenirs from places I’ve been, or books I’ve collected, and I would be devastated to lose each and every one of them. But if I couldn’t hold on to the pieces of writing that have become a part of who I am, I believe it’d make me feel like I lost a part of myself.

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