This prompt comes from Writer’s Digest. You have discovered what appears to be an ordinary room. But as soon as you enter the room, time stops for you. When you leave the room, time picks up right where you left off. What do you use this room for?

This would be a library full of endless bookshelves with books of every kind. All I ever want to do is read and write. There simply isn’t enough time in a day to read as much as I’d like to. I have so many books that I need to read and simply don’t, because there’s always something else that needs to be done. This room would be full of fictional stories, history books, writing prompts, nonfiction, or anything that could inspire me to write.

Reading has always been my escape. When I curl up with a book, I can feel the presence of reality slip away. The characters become real, the places, and the emotions that I feel in that moment. But I don’t get to do it enough. If I had a room that could stop time, and allow me to read as much as I wanted without missing anything, I’d be spending most of my time frozen in that room.

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