“Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

With a quote from Harry Potter, this writing prompt came from the Writer’s Digest, suggesting to write about something you have lost.

When I pulled the small butterfly keychain out of the old shoebox, my heart sank. I hadn’t seen the pink butterfly in ten years. It had resembled so much. A friendship that once had no end, memories that could last a lifetime, inside jokes, and… the inevitable end that did happen.

Every time I had gone to my best friend’s house, I played with the little butterfly. I don’t know what drew me to it, but it was a cute little keychain, with yellow down the belly of the butterfly, and pink sparkles that dazzled the wings. It became a joke, that I had to take that thing everywhere with me.

She gave it to me.

When our friendship faded, I tucked the butterfly into a shoebox, unable to let it go completely. I rarely opened that shoebox, tucked in a corner on the shelf in my closet. But when I did come across the keychain, I set it aside until I was done searching through the box, and then returned it to the same place. This happened every single time.

But this time was different. I held the small butterfly in my hand with tears in my eyes. I traced the small, sparkly wings with my finger. I thought about everything it resembled, and I thought about the last time I had spoken to her. I had tried rekindling our friendship, simply reaching out to her on social media. She responded by telling me that she had no room for me in her life.

I stared at the butterfly, before glancing in the shoebox. I started moving my hand toward the shoebox and stopped. It didn’t do the butterfly any good to stay in its prison of a cocoon, anymore than it did me good to hold on to hope that I’d ever get my best friend back. I squeezed the butterfly with everything I had in me, and then gently tossed the keychain into the trash can, setting it free.

Setting me free.







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