Welcome To Pens And Prompts!


Welcome to Pens & Prompts! As a writer, I know that it’s important to keep yourself writing every single day, whether you write 5,000 words or 50 words. Sometimes we get stuck and don’t know what to write. I find that it helps to have prompts, something that pushes you in the right direction. Some pieces you use in prompts you may feel aren’t worth keeping, but it’s still important to write them anyway. Write. Always. Even when you feel that your piece isn’t good enough. Someone out there might think it’s good enough.

On this blog, I am going to post something fives days a week. Some days, I am going to post based off a prompt I have found in a book, online, through someone else, or by a suggestion a reader gives. There are also times I will be posting what I feel in my heart. It won’t be a prompt, but we all have things we need to say.

My goal is to write on this blog every single day, except for weekends. We all should write every day, but it’s hard to commit to that, so I’m giving myself a break on Saturdays and Sundays. You should give yourself a break too. Get out from behind your computer and spend time with those you love. It’ll be waiting for you on Monday. Some posts may be long and some may be short. But isn’t that the point of writing? To get ourselves writing, whatever that means from day to day.

Feel free to use these prompts to help yourself write! If you find a prompt that you think is interesting, write about it! If you don’t think it’s interesting, write about it anyway! Make it your goal to write with me as much as you can! We’ll all become better writers that way.

So get out your pens or your keyboard and just start writing!